Travel Tour Organisator


At first, I want say welcome to the English page of my Dutch Website.

My name is Simone, I am a babywearing mom since our oldest son was born in June 2015.

Since then the search for the best, softly and strong wrap began. I tried different wraps, blends and babywearing brands. Made choices in keeping some wraps longer than others.

With our second son I learned a lot more about the different blends and brands. He wanted to be carried more than his older brother. And still does (he just turned 2 years old). The babywearing world doesn't stand still, even didn't I. 

I became a babywearing consultant in January 2019. I set up a (payed) babywearing library and tried out more carriers. There are much more babywearing brands active in the world than 5 years ago. 

I love to spread the word of babywearing and to teach other parents how to keep there beloved children close to heart. But I also love the journey to find the best wrap or carrier for them. And as the most people, it isn't possible to buy and try them all. 

Travel Tours

There for I set up Travel Journeys with babywearing brands. Parents can try out the wrap or carrier only for the shipping. A simple way to find out if it's the best choice to buy. Doesn't it?

What is in it? 

What exactly is in the travel tour depends on our agreement. But for sure I can say, that I can deliver the next itemsb

- I find the diferent participants in Dutch babywearing groups. 

- They have to sign in on the Facebook page. 

- They have to agreed to the travel tour rules. 

- If needed they are having an (High End) feedback link. 

- A how to use the wrap or carrier video by me. 

- Professional counseling in the online group of participants during the travel tour. 

If you are interested to let me host a Travel Tour for your babywearing brand in the Netherlands, you can send me an e-mail ( or send me a private messege with Facebook or IG.

What are the costs?  

We can talk about my service costs, what depends on your wishes in the travel tour, in a private conversation. 

Organized Travel Tours


* Isara - 2 travel tours of the Isara The One

* Nekosling -  in cooperation with Virasling and Carry Your Love Babywearing Event testing the Neko Switch Toddler

* Lovaloom - Short size 4 wrap 

* Every Slings - in cooperation with Carry Your Love Babywearing Event testing a long wrap and the Carrier. 

* Every Slings - testing the Wrap&Tie 

* Ooiebeest - in cooperation with Carry Your Love Babywearing Event testing a carrier from LennyLamb and EasyFeel Extend Plus

* Agossie - in cooperation with Caryy Your Love Babywearing Event testing a long wrap. 


On personal behave:

- Lovaloom travel tour; 2 long wraps, one blend wrap and a short wrap travel tour for 4 moms. 

- Everyslings travel tour; 2 carries and a long wrap travel tour for 4 moms. 

Here is my HE feedback link.